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A successful Radio Surgery for AVM for a Kenyan Guest - CMCS Health.

Medical Treatments in India with Best Doctors in Best Indian Hospitals.

Mr Noah Kibet Mutai is a Bright young man from Eldoret Kenya. Mr Noah was having bouts of serious headaches, Seizures, and disorientation for the last few years. He was advised for a Brain MRI.
An MRI was conducted at Mediheal Hospital and fertility center, Nandi Road, Eldoret Kenya.
MRI revealed CSF intensity with peripheral blooming on GRE in the left temporal region with exact dilation of the lateral ventricle, suggestive of gliosis -Sequelae of old hematoma.
Mr. Noah was treated for almost two years for recurrent intracranial hemorrhages due to ruptured Anterio-venous malformations.
Fresh CT Angiogram and MRI revealed a large left temporal lobe AVM with deep draining veins.
Treating doctors in Eldoret Kenya decided on radiosurgery + embolization to avoid any risks to Noah's health. Since the facility was not available in Kenya, they decided to refer him to India.
Mr. Noah approached CMCS Health's Kenya associate Ms. Regina Chelagat for knowing the treating hospital, doctor, and the cost of treatment in India.
Ms. Regina Chelagat asked for all medical reports of Mr. Noah, scanned and emailed them to CMCS Health, India
After receiving all medical reports CMCS Health India discussed them with leading neurologists of India and suggested Dr Sandeep Vaishya - Director dept. of Neurosurgery at FMRI, Gurgaon, India as the lead treating doctor for Mr. Noah.
A formal treatment offer letter was given to Mr. Noah by Ms. Regina Chelagat for the treatment course, cost of medical treatment, and other logistics.
The patient's family agreed to do the medical treatment of Mr. Noah in India with CMCS Health.
Ms. Regina asked for passport details of Mr. Noah and the accompanying medical attendant for a visa assistance letter,
A visa assistance letter was sent to the Indian high commission in Nairobi and a copy to Mr, Noah.
Ms. Regina helped Mr. Noah is applying and procuring medical visas for coming to India.
Mr. Noah was received at IGI, New Delhi, Airport by the CMCS Health India team. They were given their SimCards for communication with family members back home. They were taken to their guest house booked for their India stay during treatment by CMCS Health.

After resting for a while, they were taken to FMRI, Gurgaon for their scheduled appointment with Dr Sandeep Vaishya. Dr. Sandeep Vaishya reviewed all medical reports of Mr. Noah and advised a fresh MRI to decide the course of treatment.

Customer Complimentary Lunch on arrival with CMCS Health Managing Director
 Mr. Arshad J. Ahmad on arrival n India.

The MRI done at FMRI Gurgaon for Mr. Noah revealed left temporal lobe AVM with encephalomalacia changes.
Sandeep Vaishya decided on a DSA cerebral angiography left ICA under local anesthesia and subsequent stereostatic radiosurgery for Mr. Noah.
Mr. Noah was admitted for medical treatment for one day.

Mr. Noah was discharged from the hospital the next day after the procedure in a stable and healthy condition.

A customer Sight Seeing and Knowing India Better tour was organized for Mr. Noah and his medical attendant after the successful completion of medical treatment.

A small celebration was organized on the departure night of Mr. Noah and his medical attendant brother Mr. Nehemiah for successful medical treatment.

Mr. Noah left India completely cured with a smile on his face and good memories.

At CMCS Health we wish and pray for Mr. Noah a long healthy Life.

Best Brain-AVM treatments in India - CMCS Health.

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