Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Travelling to India for Medical treatments in India .

Best Indian hospitals.

Our world is turning global in true sense now. All the information about anything and everything is just a few clicks away on your computer and mobile.Technology has connected people in a way that was unbelievable a few decades back.People are no more confined within the  boundaries of their countries for services and value for money for those services.
The advent of internet has paved way for individuals seeking specialized medical treatment for their ailments to venture out of their countries and look for centers which are cost effective,well equipped and have the desired expertise and competency. 
India has become the first choice among global medical travellers for medical treatment in India.

The best way for getting medical treatment in India with best Indian speciality doctors at most well equipped and well managed Indian hospitals :

The ideal way for getting specialized medical treatment offshore is to get all relevant information before hand.There are consultancy services like CMCS Health,which has specialized in delivering satisfaction and value for money for the global guests.
We Do all the spade work before flying in our global guests for their specialized medical treatment in India.

How to approach a medical and healthcare consultancy firm for your specialized medical treatment in India ?

The best way for a guest seeking  medical treatment in India is to scan all your medical test reports, your local doctors treatment advice and a brief medical history with present and past medications and mail them to us at arshadjahmad@gmail.com to get a complete treatment plan with all relevant details like treatment course,cost,success rates,India and hospital stay required,treating doctor and treating hospital name etc.,even before guest start for India from His/Her native country.

How CMCS Health Operate?

After receiving the medical reports ,we discuss the case with leading specialist doctors and hospitals and inquire about medical treatment required,treatment course,cost of medical treatment,success percentage,hospital and India stay required. We help the guests in selecting the treating specialist doctor and hospital depending on requirement and budget of the guest for their medical treatment in India . Guests can also speak to their treating doctors to clear any doubts through skype or tele conversations.
Once the guests is convinced about getting specialized medical treatment done through us,we write a comprehensive treatment letter with all relevant information, cost of medical treatment and logistics and how CMCS Health will be able to assist them and benefit them in their medical treatment in India. This letter serves as an agreement letter between us and guests for their Medical treatment in India.

We need passport details of patient and accompanying attendants for issuance of a medical visa invitation letter.
A copy is also send to Visa issuing authority at Indian High commission in guests country.

They have to apply for medical visa on behalf of our treatment offer letter and visa assistance letter.
Once visa is procured ,we help the guest with their travel itinerary and in the mean time their stay arrangement (Hotel or guest houses) are booked,prior appointment with treating doctors are scheduled for early start of their medical treatment in India. 
On arrival of guests in India,Representative of CMCS Health is present at Airport to receive them and take them to the stay arrangement made for them in India. 

A hard copy of agreement letter by the guest and Complete Medicare Solutions official is signed,and guest is briefed about medical treatment schedule,Handling over two pre paid simcards for telephony to their relatives back home . The immigration formalities are completed. 

Briefing to patient at CMCS Health office regarding their medical treatment in India

Once the treating doctor in India examine the guest in person,hospital admissions and other formalities are done and medical treatment of guests starts.

Kidney transplant in India.

After successful medical treatment in India of guest ,we arrange for sigh seeing and shopping for guests for return gifts for family members back home.

Sight seeing post successful medical treatments in India.

We drop the guests back to Airport with good memories and good health.
We follow up the guests regularly for their health updates and in case of any query we get in touch with treating doctor in India and resolve any issue for guest once he reaches back his country.

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