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A successful Kidney transplant for guest from Bangladesh-CMCS Health

Medical Treatments in India with Best Doctors in Best Indian Hospitals.

CMCS Health and Medicare Pvt. Ltd. is a ministry of commerce,Government of India registered medical and healthcare consultancy firm with it's registered office in national capital region ,Gurgaon,Haryana,India.
CMCS Health and Medicare Pvt.Ltd. was incorporated to provide consultancy in field of medical and healthcare services to Global population.,to  bring in more transparency and deliver the true value of money for specialized medical treatments of global guests in India.

Mr Shaikh Fazlul "Rony" is a jolly,happy go lucky young man from Bangladesh. He was having some health issues like swelling on legs and face and feeling tired combined with high blood pressure.Bangladesh doctors recommended some blood tests to find the reason for his dropping health. He was diagnosed to have chronic renal failure because of high serum creatinine and blood urea. He was put  on Hemo-dialysis twice a week to filterout toxins from his body for a temporary management and was advised about Kidney or renal transplant for a permanent cure.
Mr. Rony was referred to CMCS Health and Medicare Pvt. Ltd. for an early transplant. He went to CMC Vellore in India for a KTP but the waiting was big.
On receiving his medical reports,we discussed the case with Numero Uno of Kidney transplant in India Prof. Dr. Anant Kumar, Chairman -Urology,robotics and Kidney Transplant at Max Healthcare ,New Delhi.
Dr Anant has advised a kidney transplant for him.
We send him the details of kisney transplant,cost of treatment and other important details.
We have sent Mr. Rony the list of documents required for Organ transplant committee approval,asked for passport copies for medical visa assistance letter from Max hospital.
We helped and co ordinated the medical visa processing for Mr. Rony,his donor aunt and medical attendants to come to delhi for his kidney transplant.

Mr. Rony came to India with his donor aunt,brother for his Kidney transplant.He was received at IGI airport delhi by Patient welfare Manager CMCS Health Mr. Mohammad Sohel Hossain.

At the guest house before visiting Prof. Dr Anant Kumar at Max Healthcare.Guests are accommodated in a guest house or Hotel room ,depending on their budget and requirement in a safe and secure environment in the vicinity of their treating hospital.

Briefing at CMCS Health and Medicare pvt. ltd. office about treatment course and cost and replying to queries of guests before taking them to hospital was followed by lunch.

Guests are taken care of like a family members,so that they never feel that they are away from home and in a foreign country. Mr. Rony at Max hospital ,saket for the start of his kidney transplant process.

Mr. Rony has his birthday during his stay in India for his kidney transplant. CMCS Health team was present on his big day for his birthday celebration.

Sightseeing during free time. In Front of President of india palace.

Knowing India and it's rich cultural heritage better is part of their Medical treatment.

A foreign national has to get a no objection certificate from their respective embassies in india to be presented to organ transplant committee of government of India for it's approval.Mr Rony infront of Bangladesh high commission in India for the no objection certificate.

On the eve of his surgery,We had our Iftaar at Max Hospital before hospital admission  for his kidney transplant.

Mr Rony finally being admitted in hospital for his scheduled Kidney transplant.

Recovering in Isolation ICU ,post successful Kidney transplant.

Donor Aunt for Mr. Rony had a last review with Prof. Dr. Anant Kumar post the successful kidney donation.

Mr Rony being discharged from hospital,post a successful Kidney transplant surgery with full functioning transplanted kidney.

Donor Aunt leaving for Bangladesh as a healthy lady, at IGI airport ,New Delhi.

Celebration of successful kidney transplant and good health at CMCS Health and Medicare pvt. ltd. office.

Another feather is added to cap of CMCS Health with successful kidney transplant of Mr. Rony from Bangladesh.

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A Successful ASD Closure surgery for a Madagascar guest - CMCS Health.

Sister Karen from Madagascar approached CMCS Health for  ASD Closure ( A hole in heart) and repair of a leaking tricuspid valve of heart.
We took opinion of best cardio thoracic surgeons of Delhi and NCR of northern India. 

Recuperating post successful ASD Closure surgery 

With Mr Amit Khurana from Artemis international patient services.

Spending leisure time post successful treatment in exploring India's different hues. 
At Connaut Place,New Delhi.

Visit to Taj Mahal ,Agra ,post successful medical treatment. 

 At CMCS Health and Medicare Pvt. Ltd. Office.

At CMCS Health and Medicare Pvt. Ltd. Office.

Enjoying Lunch with CMCS Health team.

Continuing the CMCS Health tradition of Cutting a cake to celebrate a successful medical treatment.

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